One of my first posts was about Magi Coin. This post was featured on the official Magi Coin Twitter account and probably on other channels as well. It has also been the most viewed post on the blog to this day.

Every once in a while I get an email from someone asking for help with something regarding Magi Coin, and I’m happily helping them with whatever I can. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult for me since I simply stopped using it over a year ago.

Magi - The Promise

From the start, Magi Coin was different. While all other alternative coins (“Altcoins”) targeted high-end hardware, Magi Coin was the only one targeting the lower section of the “market”. This strategy was extremely popular among Raspberry Pi users who simply wanted an easier opening to the cryprocurrency market. Magi Coin allowed those people to experiment and also get a chance to earn something in the process.
Magi also introduced some unique features with the most well-received one being the staking mechanism.

Everything starts to crumble

Since the beginning, Magi Coin was a single developer project. The lead developer, Joe (joelao95) saw Magi as his own pet project and while sharing the source code on GitHub, he almost never accepted any pull requests or replied to user issue reports.

Due to the nature of this kind of project some vulnerability were found, which forced a hardfork on the Magi Coin network. Later on, more issues were found, but they were not addressed.
As of right now, the project is completely dormant. No update was made on the main Magi Coin GitHub page for almost two years, and Joe has gone AWOL.

One of the driving forces for any cryprocurrency are the exchange platforms. For Magi Coin (also known as XMG), Bittrex was the biggest exchange and Magi was delisted from that one on October 2018, followed by a couple of other exchanges.

Time to give up

A short while after the Bittrex fiasco, I was offered the coins of some of the people that I helped to over the years, but after only a short while I, too, realized that this is not going anywhere.
I sold my coins and got rid of my wallet.
This was a nice educational ride for me, but now is the time to truly say goodbye to Magi Coin.